"Absolutely extraordinary. Absolutely unforgettable."

I don’t know why I was allowed to visit heaven when I was six years old.  I’d never been sick. I didn’t die.

I just went to sleep one night and awoke in heaven.

“You know,” my mother told me years later, “that doesn’t happen to just anyone. It’s by invitation only.”

Read the extraordinary story of how a girl with childlike faith embarked on a journey like no other . . . and received a detailed  glimpse into Heaven itself.


Splash in the River of Life and see the scars on Jesus’ hands as Daleen recalls her remarkable visit to the place that felt – more than anything – like home. 

About Daleen

Daleen Porter earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Southern Nazarene University. She and her husband Chuck live in Oklahoma. Their grown daughters are married and live in the area.


Daleen serves on the board of Anchor of Hope, Inc., a ministry that encourages women from all walks of life. A big part of the organization’s efforts includes helping women rebuild their lives after incarceration.


Daleen’s parents, Dale and Colleen Litsey, are the founders and pastors of Jubilee Christian Center in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.


Daleen’s life was forever altered by her visit to heaven. She continues to share her experience with Jesus and heaven to all who will listen.

Daleen Porter